Why we need to re-learn EVERYTHING

Growing up we were given plastic cups to drink from. We had birthday parties with plastic plates, plastic straws, sugar filled lollies that came from plastic bags, we used plastic table covers... We were given tiny plastic bags full of cookies for recess, We went to the store and used plastic bags to gather our fruit and then put those bags into more plastic bags at the checkout. We then threw all this plastic into the bin and guess what? It is likely still sitting there in landfill today , or in the ocean where it may have strangled a turtle. There are 500 times more pieces of microplastic in the sea than there are stars in our galaxy and by 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish. If that does not upset you or scare you then you have no soul.

A recent study showed that roughly 90% of seabirds ingest plastic. Many adults actually feed their baby birds plastic unknowingly. “I will readily admit to being reduced to tears more than once watching […] the majestic Wandering Albatross chick killed by a plastic toothpick,” Stephanie Winnard, BirdLife International’s Marine Project Manager, wrote in a recent article.

We were raised the way our parents thought was best, because that is what they knew and what they did. But we need to stop. We are in charge of raising the next generation and if we keep going this way, they will teach their children these same bad habits and they will teach their children...etc etc until the planet is dead. Then there will be no more fish, no more birds, no more elephants, no more humans. There is an easy solution to many of our every day plastic usage! If we stop buying it they will stop making it! Below are a few simple swaps. Plastic toothbrush ----> Bamboo Toothbrush Plastic bags----> Reusable bags Produce bags----> Reusable produce bags Plastic drink bottles ----> Glass or stainless steel bottles Plastic lunch box----> Glass or aluminium boxes Laundry detergent----> Buy in bulk so it lasts longer and recycle the packaging Shampoo bottles ----> Shampoo bars or buy in bulk (organic natural products) and recycle the containers Disposable nappies ----> Use reusable nappies Kids toys----> There are tonnes of wooden alternatives in stores and remember kids do not need toys they need adventure. The great outdoors provides enough entertainment. Kids and party dinnerware ----> There are now bamboo dinnerware options, reuseable plates, paper or other alternative straws, bamboo table covers etc. When we know better we do better...... lets set the next generation up to save this earth. Many of these products we stock in our store to help you make the switch seamlessly!

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