What happens when you flood your body with nutrients?

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Food used to be made with love, it was

a huge part of the day for most people. We would take our time to collect fresh, nutritious ingredients to make a flavorsome healthy meal for our family. Today food is viewed very differently, it is all about speed, convenience and price and the goal is just to not be hungry any more. But what cost is this "convenience" to our health?

Every cell in your body needs nutrients to survive, thrive and function. Processed foods are robbed of nutrient density which means although you may feel full, your cells are still starving for what they really need. As time goes on those cells begin to function less optimally , and the regeneration process starts to become wobbly. Imagine you are building a house from bricks, it is sturdy. Now imagine you try to rebuild it with foam blocks. It is still functioning, but at the first sign of attack things may start to wobble or even fall down. Your intestine regenerates its lining every 5 to 7 days! That means that anything you do this week will have an impact on the lining it grows next week. Your skin replaces itself every month, your brain every 2 months,every 7 years or so you have an entire new body! All the body parts go through this regeneration process using cells. The quality of those cells determines the quality of that part. Cells that are robbed of nutrients do not function properly, they are more prone to attack from disease and free radicals which damage cell proteins, DNA, and membranes by stealing their electrons through a process called oxidation. Free radicals are linked to many diseases including cancer and also the ageing process. This is where antioxidants come in... They act as scavengers to clean up free radicals in the same way fiber cleans up waste from cells. Flooding your body with vitamins and minerals keeps your cells working optimally, it means you will be more alert, have more energy, sleep better, get sick less often, feel better, decrease your risk of disease, be stronger and overall be living your best life. Why wouldn't you want that? So how do you make sure you are getting enough nutrients? This is where it gets tricky. Thanks to modern agriculture our foods are no longer packed full of vitamins and minerals the way they used to be. The soil they grow in is weak and often contaminated. Our meats are filled with antibiotics and our cows are fed grains instead of greens. Most of this is out of our control, but what isn't is your daily choices. Any vegetables are better then no vegetables. You just need to eat more of them and make sure you wash them properly. Instead of going through the drive through, make a meal plan so that you are eating lots of fruits and vegetables every day. Choose organic when you can and grass fed if you eat beef. Always pick the antibiotic free options. There is no rush and panic around dinner if you have planned ahead. It takes less than half an hour a week to sort out 7 days of nutritious eating for your family. Buy all your groceries in one go. Eating healthy is NOT expensive. McDonalds is expensive, KFC is expensive, grocceries are not. My family eats nutritious wholesome meals every day for under $150 a week and that includes organic meat. What you will feel when you flood your body with nutrients- Energy! Those cells will be fired up to go every day. Clearer skin- Your skin cells with be hydrated, nourished and your hormones will be balanced. Better sleep - Your anxiety will decrease, your melatonin will rise Focus - Your brain will be performing in its peak condition Mood improvement Weight control Clarity Strength In Australia the dietary guidlines reccomend at least 5 serves of vegetables a day (375g and 2 serves of fruit a day (300g) Overall you should be aiming for 10 portions. How many of us can say we eat that? Apparently only 7% of us eat the reccomended veggie intake. If you are finding there is a gap between what you should be eating and what you are eating then speak to me about what you can do to help bridge that gap and fuel those cells!

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