How to avoid the daycare sickness merry-go-round

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Before starting daycare my kids had no more then one illness between them. Within 3 months of being in daycare 1 day a week they had been sick at least 6 times between them. It seemed like as soon as they got over one sniffy nose, they would get another. When little people are exposed to new bugs for the first time, its natural for them to get sick. This is how they build an immunity to common illness's. Wrapping them in bubble wrap will not prevent them from getting sick later in life, in fact it increases the chance of them taking lots of days off in their first year of schooling. Not ideal. But after catching my first cold in years and feeling sorry for myself and them I decided that was enough, time to boost their immune systems naturally to shorten the duration and frequency of them getting sick. My daughter had a hard time in her first year due to early antibiotic exposure resulting in a damaged gut, reflux and CMPI & soy issues. And my son was not a big fan of vegetables. So I had to take a very holistic approach and tackle all angles. I started them on a daily probiotic, this served the purpose of improving their gut and balancing their microbia so they were better equipt to deal with an attack from nasty bugs. Studies have shown a correlation between probiotic use and reduced sick days in daycare kids. This was an easy add in to their morning breakfast. Next I introduced an amazing kids immune product which contains Cod liver oil, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. These nutrients support the health of the immune system and mucous membranes and assist in the management of allergies and inflammation. DHA found in cod liver oil also supports the central nervous system , and brain development in infants. A deficiency of essential fatty acids has been associated with an increased risk of allergic conditions and asthma. Vitamin D is well studied for its involvement in the immune system and also its involvement in the prevention of autoimmune conditions. it enhances the first line defense against viruses and bacteria. Due to the fact that we now promote sun awareness so heavily, we often wear too many clothes, avoid the sun and due to our modern diet we lack the fat required for this fat soluble vitamin that is made from cholesterol. A trail in 2010 studied the effect of vitamin D supplements on incidence of Influenza A in school kids. There was a statistical difference that showed vitamin d use can reduce the risk of influenza A. The study also found that the risk was increased if children did not start school/daycare until after 3. Asthma severity was also decreased in the vitamin D group. Vitamin A also maintains the health of the immunological barriers such as the skin, respiratory mucosa and gastric mucosa. A deficiency can increase the risk of respiratory tract diseases in children. I also made sure they were getting enough sun exposure, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and practicing good hygiene. (Cover your mouth!) So after taking these supplements for a few weeks I noticed my kids had not fallen ill since starting. It has now been 3 more months and there has been no more sickness! Most kids take a year to build an immune system at daycare so I am over the moon to see such amazing results in such a short time. I know they will still get sick every now and then but I feel better knowing I have given them a boost to get through the cold and flu season. If you or your kids are getting hammered with constant sickness speak to me about starting them on an immune protocol like this one.

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