Healthy Snacks for Kids

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Kids snacks can be tricky. Toddlers will love something one day and hate it the next and you don’t want to feed them something that is packed full of sugar (it makes them act crazy!) But for some reason that seems to be all they want! Im here to give you a few helpful pointers on how to tame the hunger when out and about and keep their blood sugar stable.

Lots of packaged “healthy” snacks are basically just air covered in salt. It gives them something to do, but it wont stop them asking for more food in 10 mins time. What you want to look for is protein, fiber and fat. These will keep them feeling fuller for longer and its good for them! Fat is vital for brain development. And fiber, this is important!

Avoid anything with “added” sugar. Natural sugars are fine – think fruits. Sodium… you want to keep this as low as possible. Nothing over 250mg per serve and the closer to 0 the better but I am realistic about taste here too.

There really are not many packaged snacks out there that are truly healthy so keeping an eye on labels is your best way to keep them “less” terrible.

The best way to handle snacks when out and about is to pre make them at home and use compartment lunch boxes/snack boxes when you head out. You can always make a big batch and pop them in the freezer so its easy to grab some when you are heading out. (they will defrost by the time they want to eat them).

Bulk freezer snacks to take out-

Healthy oat cookies Healthy banana bread Pumpkin muffins Avocado nut bread

A few ideas for packaged snacks when you are out and about-

Roasted fava beans SPC pure and simple fruit pouches Calciyum yogurt (if you have dairy)

If you have a small amount of prep time to pack before going out-

Nut butter and apple slices Hard boiled egg Fruits cut up like berries/banana/watermelon Carrot sticks for older kids

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