Smiling Women

Introducing a collaboration project that is close to my heart. I have noticed a trend in women becoming mothers and feeling like they have lost themselves. The demands of motherhood coupled with the demands of being a women in today's society can have a really negative impact on mental and physical health. My goal is to provide a service that takes the weight off mother's to allow them to nourish their soul and body. 

Skipping essential self care should not be a given in the name of motherhood. Women deserve to be cared for as much as the family they are raising. 
All women deserve to feel as though they have their "Village" so that is what we are creating. 



Our bodies are subjected to so much daily stress whether it be from carrying children, doing housework, exercise, mental exhaustion or uncomfortable sleeping positions... How many times do you think, how great would a massage be right now. Self care is important and whether your goal is to completely relax and shut off, or work out some muscular tension, you deserve to be pampered and cared for. Your body deserves to be rewarded for its daily sacrifices. 

Oil Massage

Women deserve to feel supported by other women and by professionals who can help them to navigate the early (and later) days of parenthood. Every mother should have someone she can call on when she needs to vent, or ask for help and we are designing a community in which all mothers will have that support system either in person or online. No one should ever feel alone. 
Guest speakers

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When you spend all your time caring for the health and wellbeing of others, one tends to neglect their own needs. 
We want to empower women to put their health first as you can no pour from an empty cup! 
Naturopathy is the perfect way to combat poor food choices, lack of energy, low immunity, stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, weight issues, and more. 

We also focus on movement as medicine, herbal remedies and nutrition and love sharing healthy recipes that are easy to make.

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