Welcome to The Roaming Naturopath. My name is Elle and I am a qualified Naturopath, Remedial massage therapist, mother, earth loving travel addict who is fully dedicated to helping others achieve optimum wellness through natural therapies.
My passion is to help those trying to start a family, pregnant women and new mothers navigate their incredible but challenging new role.

I use evidence-based practice to find the root cause of illness and treat the entire being. I work to correct imbalance within the body and restore harmony to all the body systems through the use of nutritional supplements, dietary changes, herbal medicine and other holistic treatments. I strive to make sure all my clients feel they are living their life to the fullest and that they have power over their lives and wellbeing.

I discovered my passion for pre/postnatal care after experiencing my own fertility struggles, difficult pregnancy and traumatic birth experience. Every women who has experienced infertility/pregnancy and postpartum knows that it can be an incredibly isolating time and support is vital. Educated, informed support is even better. 

In 2021 I welcomed Amy to my team. Amy is studying to become an exercise physiologist and has a keen interest in women’s health and nutrition. Her focus is on helping women to restore their physical strength and mental health post birth. Together we are creating a mother's wellness revolution which is a program focused on assisting women in the most challenging and amazing period of life. To provide support and care when it is needed most and help mothers to thrive. 
Our program is called We the village and you can find information on my page if you want to learn more. 

We are primarily an online natural therapies clinic. This means that no one has to miss out on access to supportive natural health care. It doesn’t matter if you live in another state, outback QLD, or overseas because we offer the same care and attention to all of our clients whether its in person, via zoom or chat. If you need help getting to the bottom of your health concerns we are here for you.
The beauty of the modern age means we can conduct personal interactions from thousands of kms away.
A zoom consultation is a simple process where I email you a link and when the appointment time arrives you just click the link and it is as though we are in the same room together.
A chat consultation is simply a chat session at our allocated time.

Why online is so great-

We can treat you from anywhere around the world. You don’t have to live in a major city to receive natural health care.

You can book an appointment outside of standard office hours. I try to make sure that all my clients can see me at a time that suits them. I know there are so many barriers to putting yourself first and I want to overcome them with flexibility. If you have children and can only book an appointment at 7pm, I can help. If you work weekdays and need a weekend appointment, I am your girl. I am here to help you put YOU first.
Don’t miss out on living your best life because you are too busy.

It saves time.
No driving to appointments, or finding parking in a busy street. You can jump out of bed and into an appointment or finish up and go straight to bed.

It is less effort.
When you feel unwell the last thing you want to do is get dressed and drive somewhere. No need to make any effort here. The private supportive space I offer does not judge.

Prescriptions are sent to you.
Any supplements we decide you should consider will be delivered to your door. (Please note international clients do not have this option)
If you require any testing, this can be organized for you to do in your own home or through your local lab.

Unlimited support.
Being online means I am available to help you if you have any follow up questions after the appointment.
Your treatment plan will be emailed to you so you have an easy to follow program at your fingertips. No need to remember everything that was said with just a few notes on paper.

Covid has changed the way in which the world operates and this means no one should miss out on care.